You may be wondering what a style manual is and how to use it. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.


1.    What is a style manual?

A style manual is a set of standards that provides consistency in the writing and design for a specific organization. It provides uniformity in style and format both within a document and across multiple documents.

2.   Who uses the Keep Arkansas Beautiful Foundation (KAB Foundation) style manual?

All Foundation employees, volunteers and marketing personnel should adhere to the style manual.

3.   Why should I use the KAB Foundation style manual?

You should use the Foundation style manual to help the Foundation achieve a cohesive and consistent style and voice in any published content.

4.   To which content should I apply the style manual?

The guidelines in the manual apply to the business letters, memos, grant proposals, press releases, the business plans, website content and emails.

5.   How do I use the style manual?

The manual is organized into nine sections: use of Foundation and Commission names, commonly used Foundation words, formatting, punctuation, capitalization, acronyms and initialisms, numerals, and a robust appendix. Refer to the table of contents if you’re looking for a concept or a specific section.

6.   How can I access the Foundation’s style manual?

The style manual is available as a physical guide as well as a digital form in WordPress and in Microsoft Word on a flash drive. The digital style manual allows for regular updates.